Art by Erin Emrich Erickson
My name is Erin Emrich Erickson
I've been creating art for as long as I can remember...
From pre-school when I worked so hard every day to make the perfect heart shape, to when I started adult level painting classes at age 11, through high school, college and all of the years since. I've always been drawn to color, form and texture, and I've had a hunger to create.

My Art:
I enjoy using fluid painting techniques, including pouring, drizzling, washing, dripping and dropping. I love the way that the colors mix and the paints and inks interact, creating new colors, textures and effects. All of my work is contemporary, but my subjects are varied. I do everything from abstract to landscape and floral. On occasion, I will do a portrait or wildlife, although these are rare. I gravitate toward natural, organic and flowing forms-perhaps even a little feminine in shape. I love my work to have movement and flow. My colors are vibrant, and the pallettes harmonious.

Life at home and in the studio:
Read my blog "Artful Assemblage" for insights into my work as an artist, strategic planner, real estate professional and mother of two in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, USA. And don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram!
Purchase my work:

Purchase original work for sale in the gallery or request a commission by filling out my contact form.

Some of my work can be purchased as greeting cards on Zazzle.com